Putting a Stop to Corporate Immunity

Have you been a victim of corporate immunity? Are you ready to take action and obtain the justice you’re entitled to? At stopcorporateimmunity.org, our goal is to help raise awareness to end federal corporate immunity laws so that injury survivors aren’t made to suffer more than they already have. We’re here to help you take the first steps in securing the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Our Mission

Every day thousands of injury victims across the United States lose out on the money they need when they’ve suffered at the hands of another. Regardless of whether an individual or entity meant to cause you harm, the fact is that they did, and they should be held to account no matter how well-intended they were. 

Our long-term objective is to create enough awareness to pass federal legislation that makes corporate immunity illegal in all fifty states, because you should never be responsible for absorbing the costs that stem from an injury or illness you didn’t cause. 

The Problem with Corporate Immunity

Corporate immunity enables those who are found to be liable for directly or indirectly causing a serious injury or wrongdoing to escape culpability in court when they were acting in good faith or “within the scope of” their responsibilities. 

A good example of corporate immunity in action could be if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by a missing stop sign. The stop sign should have been replaced by the Department of Transportation or other government agency that is responsible for maintaining the roadways in your area. However, due to corporate immunity, the DOT (or other responsible government agency) itself may not be found liable.

The fact is, when you’re already dealing with the physical, psychological, and financial losses that come with suffering a catastrophic injury or other wrongdoing, the party  who is responsible for your suffering should be compelled to pay. 

What Else Can You Find on Our Site?

In addition to information regarding major corporate immunity cases and recent changes in corporate immunity legislation, we also provide information regarding other circumstances where a government agency or corporation may be at fault, including medical malpractice, personal injury accidents, defective drugs, securities and investment fraud, and several other areas.

If you are interested in speaking with a qualified attorney who can assist you in resolving a case where corporate immunity may be an issue, see our legal directory where you can find a respected lawyer in your area.