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We’re all well-aware that, in the corporate world, if you have money, you can get away with just about anything—for a while at least. But just because these companies can get away with their misdeeds doesn’t mean they should. 

Corporations get their way and are virtually immune to punishment through several methods, but two specific cases we see most often include the following: 

  • Payment or bribery of law enforcement and public officials 
  • Pumping special-interest money into politics

Corporations and Law Enforcement

It’s likely that you’ve heard of a corporation responsible for wrongdoings but not held accountable or as accountable as it should be. Did you ever ask why? How?

The answer is simple: money. When it comes to staying out of trouble, a company that has enough money can simply pay off the officials responsible for discipline. 

Under the law, bribery basically means paying someone off to get something in return. These corporations can bribe government and law enforcement officials with money, stock, future financial assistance, or any number of things to get their way.

Although it didn’t work out in its favor in the end, Enron was definitely guilty of these types of bribes.

The bad news about bribery is that the people and our government aren’t given enough power to stop it. Maybe that’s because the government is just like a giant corporation. Maybe it’s because things like this simply happen too often? Or maybe it’s the government officials and politicians taking the bribes that need reform?

The solution isn’t simple, but something has to give.

Special-Interest Money and Politics

So what’s the problem with companies putting their money behind a political candidate or cause they believe in? You’re told all your life to support causes you believe in. In this case, however, the effects can be detrimental. 

For example, let’s say you want a certain candidate to win because he believes in fair wages and low taxes. On the other side, the large corporation, Example, Inc., wants the other candidate to win because he will provide tax breaks for big business at the expense of the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, the typical American is no match in financial contributions to Wall Street and enormous corporations. Therefore, their dollars will speak louder, making their wishes more likely.

This has been a longstanding problem in the political world because it separates the population into the wealthy and the poor. It gives the appearance that money is power, and while that seems to be the case, it is completely false.

As with the example above, this isn’t an easy fix. It will come down the accountability of political candidates and a strict policy made by the federal government.

Why We’re Here

Regardless of the way these companies get away with their misdeeds, it all leads back to money. “More money, more power” isn’t a saying we need to believe or keep feeding into. This is a system that we cannot support and should work together to bring down.

That’s exactly why Stop Corporate Immunity was founded.