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How To Get A Car Accident Settlement

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Knowing how to get a car accident settlement can mean the difference between having needed funds to cover expenses related to the accident and going without. Following are some tips that every single driver should bear in mind if he or she is involved in any type of vehicular accident.

A car accident is sure to be a scary experience, but it is important for a driver to remain calm and call the police at once. If someone is injured, a driver should offer immediate assistance. If no one has been injured, then the driver should focus on documenting the scene of the accident by taking pictures and asking those who saw the accident to provide corroborating eyewitness accounts of what happened.

When the police arrive, they will assess the scene of the accident and draw up a police report. It is very important for the driver to get a copy of this report. A driver should also see a doctor right after an accident, even if the accident seems minor and no one appears to be injured. Head, back, and neck injuries incurred after a vehicle accident are not always evident at first, but can be traced right to the accident if a person seeks medical help in a timely manner.

A driver can file a personal injury claim for a car accident without legal help. This can be a wise course of action if the accident settlement is likely to be small as personal injury lawyers handling cases of this nature can charge up to 40% of the final settlement amount in legal fees. However, when large sums of compensation are involved and/or there is a disagreement regarding who is to blame for the accident, it is best to hire a lawyer. Obtaining a car accident settlement from an insurance company that is eager to hold onto funds rather than dispense them can be time-consuming and difficult without expert legal advice.

At the same time, even a driver who hires a lawyer will need to know what to do and not do when filing a car accident settlement claim. It is unwise to talk about the accident on social media as the insurance company can take the statement out of context and use them against the driver. A driver will also need to be prepared to answer insurance company questions clearly and honestly without appearing to take the blame for any aspect of the accident. Finally, a driver should always consult with his or her lawyer before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance agency as many agencies make an initial offer in hopes of having to avoid making a large payout that a driver may actually need in order to cover accident-related costs.

A driver who has been in a car accident that was not totally his or her fault should never give up hope of receiving due compensation. By following the advice outlined above, one can increase his or her chances of reaching a settlement and obtaining needed funding to handle the aftermath of the car accident.